Whimsical little stories told in fused glass…that’s how I like to describe my art. Beginning with larger plaques, platters, and bowls, I learned how glass behaves, and found myself drawn to both dichroic glass and the use of pre-fired tidbits to create multidimensional fused glass pieces. Dichroic glass so reminds me of opal, my birthstone, giving unexpected flashes of color when turned in the light. Tiny pieces manipulated with tweezers and many layers of glass fired several times form the basis of each Cat’s Eye treasure.

Jewelry, an adornment that all can enjoy, was a natural next step. After all, you can carry jewelry art around with you.  Nothing excites me more than spotting someone wearing one of my creations, watching the light it reflects, and seeing its colorful depths become apparent. 

Recently, I have added mica, copper, and precious metal clay, as well as beads obtained on my travels, to some of my pendants, bracelets and earrings. Painting and inclusions give more dimension to the designs. 

The art you will see here represents current and past designs. Each piece is very much one-of-a-kind, and even the two earrings of a pair are not exactly alike. As glass, especially dichroic glass, behaves differently under different firing schedules, it may not be possible to exactly duplicate a particular piece. But variety and surprise are half the fun!

My studio, Cat’s Eye Glass Art, is located in Corvallis, Oregon.  Currently, I am represented at a gallery in Ajijic, Mexico, as well as in several shops in California, Oregon, and soon in Michigan and Nebraska. While I have explored many art media over the years, fused glass clearly excites me the most. Enjoy!


Cat Shelby